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Graduate Institute of Cultural and Educational Management

Welcome to Graduate Institute of Cultural and Educational Management


 (1) The rapid social and economic development makes cultural and educational enterprises and non-profit organizations more blooming and prosperous. These enterprises and organizations need efficient managers to ensure the values of organizational creativity.

Particularly at the age of the 21st century, cultural and educational enterprises depend largely on the development of abilities to organize, create, and manage. In order to prepare talent and managers in cultural and educational enterprises for the new era, to satisfy their fulfillment of life-long education, and to enhance research and development in the non-profit organizations, the Graduate Institute of Cultural and Educational Management (GICEM) was established in 2006 school year.

(2) The GICEM has a strong faculty with enthusiasm about teaching and lots of experience in administration. Most teachers served as president, dean, chairman, or educational directors in addition to specializing in professional courses. They always teach students with great concern, respect, and step by step. Good interaction and relationship exist between teachers and students. It is a warmly learning community.

(3) The GICEM has accepted students since 2006 school year. At the present, there are 20 students. It is expected that there will be 12 full-time students including 5 by recommendation and 7 by examination and 30 part-time students in 2007 school year.